December 2012

D800 in Switzerland

Following on from my previous post, I also apply the same approach for when I am away on holiday. It’s a great way to keep fresh in new surroundings – something that you are faced frequently with as a photographer depending on the job.

Here are a series of images with the Nikon D800 from a trip to Switzerland earlier in the year.

D800 in black and white

I love walking around town and shooting in my spare time. I find it’s a great way to capture interesting subject matter, but also an opportunity for me to continuously refine my skills, try out new ideas, and of course, test new and old equipment out.

It really is the time where I become accustomed and comfortable with my gear so that I can put everything I’ve learned into practice when it matters.

Here’s a series of casual images taken over the past few months from my Nikon D800, all in black and white, and from various places in and around London from the South Bank, to Alexandra Palace and in Islington.