London Marathon 2016

I’ve always wanted to witness the London Marathon in the flesh, either as a spectator or a runner, and despite being a Londoner, I’ve never got around to doing it until this one.

I’m so glad I did, albeit as a spectator. It was a fascinating and overwhelming experience to see so many people running for different causes, and I managed to see all of my friends who were running themselves and give them a wave, which was a bonus.

The marathon is special for so many different reasons, whether it’s the experience of running it and the story behind the cause, to seeing someone you know in the flesh and their elation at your support. The crazy costumes, and how some people manage to complete the run in them, and just how many people do that, is utterly amazing. And then there’s the spectators themselves, whose support in this one, no matter the level of the runner, was something special and I’m grateful to have been a little part of that.

This showed off the true spirit of London beautifully. I can’t wait to go back.