London Marathon 2016

I’ve always wanted to witness the London Marathon in the flesh, either as a spectator or a runner, and despite being a Londoner, I’ve never got around to doing it until this one.

I’m so glad I did, albeit as a spectator. It was a fascinating and overwhelming experience to see so many people running for different causes, and I managed to see all of my friends who were running themselves and give them a wave, which was a bonus.

The marathon is special for so many different reasons, whether it’s the experience of running it and the story behind the cause, to seeing someone you know in the flesh and their elation at your support. The crazy costumes, and how some people manage to complete the run in them, and just how many people do that, is utterly amazing. And then there’s the spectators themselves, whose support in this one, no matter the level of the runner, was something special and I’m grateful to have been a little part of that.

This showed off the true spirit of London beautifully. I can’t wait to go back.

Colorado dreams

I spent a lot of time out in Colorado recently, a beautiful state where Denver is often voted as the best place in America to live. Over the period I was there, I witnessed the incredible changing of the seasons and the dramatic way that changes life in the land of the free.


Most people think that a headshot is critical for an actors chances of success, but the same can be true of other industries, such as in law. I was pleased to take on the challenge of doing the headshot for one of Doughty Street Chambers top upcoming barristers, Harriet Johnson.

I was surprised when I saw Harriet’s original photo she used, because it didn’t look like her and looked like something someone had taken with a mobile phone. That’s fine of course, there’s a time and place for that, but not when you’re a kick ass barrister who needs to look confident, approachable and a winner. Harriet is all of those, and her profile picture now reflects that reality.

Harriet tells me that business has definitely increased since she updated her picture.

Forest Glow

I was honoured to be asked to take the photos of artist Alice Shirley’s magnificent painting for Forest Glow, who are a new company specialising in mulled wines. The photos were converted into labelling for the launch of their first bottles during 2015, which I can confirm is very tasty indeed!

Product photography like this is always interesting and challenging – it has to be done in a controlled manner and you have to ensure you capture the details that are faithful to the materials, in this case the oil painting on high quality fine art paper, but also ensure that the final reproduction has balanced lighting and is as neutral and faithful in tonality and colour as possible.


Michelle and Kevin

Ceremony: Leeds Castle, Kent
Reception: Leeds Castle, Kent

Michelle and Kevin had a beautiful wedding at Leeds Castle in Kent, and was a fabulous day to remember. Not least because Michelle unfortunately broke her leg just a couple of weeks before the big day. But with couples with such zest as these have the capacity to just get on with it and have a great day all the same.

Here are some of my favourites from the day.

Santa Barbara

Over a year after David and Chloe got married, in what was one of the most epic weddings I’ve been to in sunny California, we returned to the beautiful place of Santa Barbara to remember those good times. Santa Barbara is unsurprisingly now one of my favourite places on Earth.

As the pair reminisced over a quiet moment together, I snapped these.

The New Forest

As much as photography can be a very personal and subjective passion, it can also be wonderfully social. I recently spent time in the New Forest with new friends, both Paul and Nick were great company.

We hiked for hours and took photos throughout the course of a cold, soggy and somewhat chilly day. It was a terrific way to explore a new place, filled with plenty of chat and banter, yet with lovely serenity too.

I’ve not done as much landscape photography as I would have liked, but every time I do, I really enjoy the challenge it poses. You have to be dedicated, prepared, patient and determined to get great shots. I look forward to spending more time with these guys in future, thanks for a great trip! 🙂

Here are some of my picks from the day.


Melanie and Tanya

Ceremony: Sutton Registry Office, Surrey

Mel and Tanya tied the knot after many years in a really sweet civil partnership where family and friends flew from as far as Australia to be there on their big day. Some even joined live via FaceTime and iPads, in what was a short ceremony before a huge reception the following day.

I really enjoyed their company and seeing them take their vowels. Here’s a few picks.

Malte and Aurore

Ceremony: Strasbourg
Reception: Strasbourg

These two had such a beautiful wedding in the lovely French city of Strasbourg with a real twist. The ceremony took place in an old movie theatre, which they did because of their love of film and made for a really fitting occasion.

It was a pleasure to be a part of their day and enjoy it with them and their terrific friends and family.


Bardi and Lana

Ceremony: St James Church, London
Reception: The Spaniards Inn, London

Bardi and Lana had such a sweet, intimate and beautiful wedding at St James Church in Muswell Hill. It was a privilege to be a part of their big day.

Here are some picks.